Payroll Administration

Payroll administration is one of the most common aspects of a business being outsourced, given its technical complexities, with reference to employing staff at substantial cost, having to be knowledgeable on the various legislative and contractual aspects concerning remuneration, tax and social benefit deductions, and reporting to designated authorities such as SARS and the Department of Labour (UIF) etc.

It is imperative for the payment of staff to be effected correctly and timeously, given debit orders and other financial obligations to be met timeously, and for the motivation and morale of staff.

Paradigm Corporate Services uses state of the art technology solutions to ensure efficient and timeous service delivery to its clients.

The staff complement of clients in respect of whom payroll services are rendered are not based only in South Africa, but also in other countries in Africa.

Disciplinary Action and Poor Work Performance

This service entails unlimited access for the client to a group of legal specialists to assist the client with telephonic advice as and when required concerning disciplinary action and poor work performance issues, and to assist the client with the drafting of charges, notices to attend disciplinary hearings, suspension notices and all documents related to procedural requirements.

In cases where the possible outcome of a disciplinary or capacity hearing concerning poor work performance may be a final written warning or dismissal, Paradigm Corporate Services will provide the client with a chairperson to conduct the hearings, and to provide the client with a written outcome.

In the event that an employee may refer a dispute to the CCMA or Bargaining Council, Paradigm Corporate Services will provide the client with assistance to prepare for such cases and where possible with representation at the CCMA or Bargaining Council.

At no cost to clients, and as part of the service, Paradigm Corporate Services will revise the Disciplinary Code and Procedure of clients and provide clients with a start-up training workshop concerning the preparation for and conduct of disciplinary hearings for misconduct and capacity hearings for cases of poor work performance.

The services mentioned above are primarily provided by Paradigm Corporate Services on a monthly retainer arrangement, specifically tailormade for each client.

Corporate Governance

Paradigm Corporate Services provides tailormade service packages to clients concerning corporate governance, assisting clients to ensure that they comply with the various corporate governance requirements contained in the Companies Act, No. 71 of 2008, including reporting requirements vis-à-vis the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (“CIPC”).

Paradigm Corporate Services attends to all CIPC required registrations for and on behalf of clients, as requested, e.g. change of directors, chief representative officers and change of address, auditors, name and business objectives, etc.

Paradigm Corporate Services also renders company secretarial services to clients, incorporating services such as referred to in section 88 of the Companies Act, with reference to the duties of company secretaries.


Paradigm Corporate Services came into existence at the beginning of 2015 as a result of the ever increasing trend by business to outsource non-core activities, such as payroll, disciplinary and poor work performance hearings, human resources functions and corporate governance requirements.

By outsourcing these services clients experienced improved business efficiencies and employee satisfaction, a reduction of the salary bill, reduction in the employment of non-core personnel being replaced by outsourced services, having peace of mind on legislative compliance and smooth operation of employment administrative and legal processes, e.g. payroll, disciplinary and poor work performance hearings and management and essential company secretarial services.

The payroll administration service offered by Paradigm can save you time and money, providing you with peace of mind and more time and freedom to focus on core business activity. The payroll services offered by Paradigm extend also into other African countries besides South Africa.

In order to be able to provide its outsourced services to clients, Paradigm source and engage professional qualified staff, supported by collaborators and administrative support personnel, with extensive years of knowledge and experience in the particular fields of service.

Paradigm provides a one-stop umbrella service. Every client has the flexibility and freedom to structure a tailormade service package, without stringent, long enduring contractual terms, but rather with the emphasis on client satisfaction.



The specialist services provided by Paradigm are performed by a team of professionally qualified, certified and experienced individuals, whose collective professional careers span a number of decades.

The professional team members hold law degrees and have been active in their particular fields of expertise as practitioners or consultants to small, medium and large business enterprises in most economic sectors, thereby providing Paradigm with an intellectual bank of industry wide knowledge and experience.

B-BBEE Status

Paradigm Corporate Services has a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment status of a Level 4 Contributor, which means that our clients will qualify for a 100% procurement recognition in making use of our services.


The fees structure of Paradigm are market related, and at all times structured to a tailormade comfort fit for each client, providing time and cost saving.

Each client is regarded as unique and we strive to procure and maintain a close and long enduring relationship with our clients and our clients at all times receiving a cost effective peace of mind professional service.


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